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Today I got an award from my dear friend Trixi from Austria and I am quite happy about it, because it is my first one. I gave the file a makeover and removed the artifacts and saved it in a lossless format, here it is for picking up:

To read about the idea of the award and what it is all about, please click here

Well, now it�s my turn to tag people, who haven�t been tagged yet and therefore I tag the following persons: Anja, Yaga, Theresia, Tina, Aileen, Isobel and Sara . Much pleasure, girls!

And then there was some crafting work yesterday, I was very hard-working. The first thing was that I bought some coloured cardboard sheets some months ago in Strausberg, where I worked. The size is DIN A2 and the width is 52 cm. I didn�t use it for a long time. I saw the maze books on Theresias page and watched the instructions on craftsweekly. I decided to give it a go and made one for Tina, which is made of purple cardboard, corrugated cardboard, a red ribbon and a paper with purple dots on it which I got from Anja.

all four mazebooksLast weekend my parents visited us and stayed in our house for a night and since I didn�t had the courage to cut my 52,0cm � 70,7cm cardboard on the desks or the kitchen floor (which is covered with flagstones) my daddy had to do it for me. We used a folded wallpapering table covered with old newspapers and due to a lack of a big enough ruler my dad used a tool that is supposed to hold it over the end of a fresh wallpapered wall and cut the wallpaper below in a perfect line. Afterwards I had to fold the cut cardboards (which were then 52cm x 52cm or 50cm x 50cm) cut some of the folds and the pages of the books were ready.
Sunday noon I drove my parents home (about 1 hour drive and I did it all without a mistake *proud*) and after a short lunch my daddy used a very good and expensive passepartout cardboard to cut several pieces (4 pieces for one book) with his huge graphics designer equippment papercut gadget, which was extremely fast and accurate matter.
Back home I took two identical cardboard pieces at a time and glued them together to make the cover or back cover of the books. After finishing and some time for letting the glue dry, I glued some of Anjas papers from her first "I want to make you curious about scrapbooking" parcel on the front of the covers, always following the instructions from the video tutorial. I then added the ribbon(s) but used instant adhersive instead of paste and except for the green ribbon which is from Anja of course, I had already bought all other ribbons myself.Mazebooks von der Seite For the checked cover I used my leather pricker to make holes and then put those rectangular copper brads from making memories through them at the places where the ribbons were to fix the ribbons additionaly. I then glued the "pages" with a crafters paste I bought from netto and used my selfbought bone folder to make it neat. And like this I finished 4 wonderfull small books which have the sizes 13cm x 13cm, 12,8cm x 12,8cm and two of the 12,5cm x 12,5cm. Let�s see if I will keep them for myself or give some away or both. ^_^ Well and there are some news about my second sock. I have finished the rim, the leg, the heel and 49 of 69 rounds of the foot. Only 20 rounds left until I can finally start the toes. Can�t wait to do that, have been slowly enough and have soooooooooo much on the needles.

This night I got a cute Hallmark eCard from Jenn to let me know that she will be my Secret Pal hostess and that she is going to inform the participants of her list about their matches. I am sooo anxious to know who it will be for me. I am going to keep you updated!

Yes, I now got it, the silly boomerang heel and now I can tell that it really isn�t that bad. (I knew
from the beginning that this one is easier than the one with godet and hoody) my very first knitted sock heelAs I could neither work with the instructions from my book nor take the chance to follow the offers from Tammina and Mandy to show me this heel - both work in Berlin fulltime there was no possibility to go on with the heel earlier. Then, yesterday Tina posted a link to an URL at viruscreativus and I was astonished. The description was much better to imagine and I immediately understood what was meant. This page describes much better how the things to do need to look like. About the left double stitches and the right ones and so on. The next hours I was busy to knit the first half of the heel. Now I know what was meant by knitting "shorter rows with double stitches" - this was a contradiction for me so far. Just cast double stitches at the end of a row but knit the next row without this double stich. You get a trapezoid starting with the broad side, when finished. But after this, the description at the internet failed too and the instruction from my book was absolutely discrepant in its content. Thank God that Ina Elena had already knitted this slightly new kind of heel yet and she joined Skype to explain it to me. She described what to do in each row and was able to see me working on the webcam and got feedback from me. A kind of online - tutorial that was. After some rows it occured to me how the system was and I was able to go on by myself. I choose to follow the instruction from the book saying that after the first
half all double sitches need to be casted on as one in this 2 rows which are full rounds. Wow, the finished heel looks similiar to the socks from supermarket. Incredible! Of course I�m going to show you this improvement and took a photo immediately. After this I showed my result to Tina, Elena and my parents via Skype webcam. Man, I am proud that this process went into my brain now, I still can�t believe it is true. I bet I am going to become a sockaholic just like some of the knitting bloggers I read. Thanks to Tina, Elena and my parents for their help.

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