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It �s been a while since this started being on my mind and now I have collected some things to fancily award the winners. So I am starting another campaign.

I have to admitt that it is also somehow the fault of a certain inhabitant of Zurich living in Oerlikon now. ^_-

The toppic of the campaign is: What makes autuumn nice for you?

What are you mostly looking forward to in autuumn and why?

This could be a childhood memory for example.

I thought about activities, recipes, festivals, things in nature or something like that.

Please arrange your contribution visual as well, e-g- with photos, selfmade videos, collages, things that can be touched (something 3-D).

Closing date is October the 25th. The winners will be drawn from all contributions and will recieve nice and partially rare presents.

Be creative and suprise me with your autuumn-y thoughts and creations. At least it should be enough time.

Before I forget, your contributions shall be sent to my already known adress.

Now all that I have to add is wish you much pleasure and joy by creating your contributions. A month should be enough to make anything, even for the most busy of you.

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