Remember how old Harry Potter turned, when Hagrid reavealed to him, that he was a wizard? Exactly, 11 years old. A magical age.

Happy 11th birthday, Elisas craftscorner!

I'm still there. Or back again.

To celebrate this special day and for honouring it, I have a little giveaway. Everyone who sends my blog a birthday card, either by snail mail to the adress stated in the imprint, or as a file attached to a mail till March 30th 2017 can win a pair of custom made earrings. C'mon, let's celebrate together!


I am going to give my blog a birthday present, too: I am not going to wait, till I have kept up with all old entries. Instead, I am going to jum in where I am and just write, when there is something new to show or tell about here.

And yes, there is something new: I have a creativity coach. Her name is Dale, she has a certificate in creativity coaching and she lives in one of the most creative cities of the world, where also another very inspiring blogger lives: Angry Chicken - on the west coast of the USA.My coach motivates me and helps me to break all my steps down to babysteps. She also has strategies how to make my goals come true, what to focus on and how to get over obstacles. Thank you Dale.

I hope you all have a great day and do not forget to celebrate with me! Expect to read more here in the future.

It �s been a while since this started being on my mind and now I have collected some things to fancily award the winners. So I am starting another campaign.

I have to admitt that it is also somehow the fault of a certain inhabitant of Zurich living in Oerlikon now. ^_-

The toppic of the campaign is: What makes autuumn nice for you?

What are you mostly looking forward to in autuumn and why?

This could be a childhood memory for example.

I thought about activities, recipes, festivals, things in nature or something like that.

Please arrange your contribution visual as well, e-g- with photos, selfmade videos, collages, things that can be touched (something 3-D).

Closing date is October the 25th. The winners will be drawn from all contributions and will recieve nice and partially rare presents.

Be creative and suprise me with your autuumn-y thoughts and creations. At least it should be enough time.

Before I forget, your contributions shall be sent to my already known adress.

Now all that I have to add is wish you much pleasure and joy by creating your contributions. A month should be enough to make anything, even for the most busy of you.

I finally got my invitation to Ravelry today but couldn�t start writing right away because Casey had a mistake in the signup for newbies. Luckily Jess wrote me a mail and made a entry to the blog and now everything is fine and I even found some of my mailing lists people and even my Secret Pal 9 spoilee and my Wollfee from the last time and several other people. It is quite fun, I found some groups I loved right away just through the people I added as friends. And then I wrote my profile and added some fresh fotos and I am really happy about that event - Ron is in Baden- Baden today (that is exactly the other part of Germany) and so it made my day better.

My name at Ravelry is quite what you already know and I am really really happy to be the first, so I am Elisa there too.

I�ve already joined the Secret Pal 11 group and even posted to it.

Thanks to Aileen that I knew quite early what Ravelry was and signed the list. She is one of the editors.

Wow, I am so excited. Hope to see some more faces there in future. But now, to bed.

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Our hostess Jenn had the idea for a competition and since my questionaire is up since nearly a month, it�s only some questions to do for me.

Here we go:

1. What is the one knitting accessory you could not live without?

one? I have three: my chibi sewing needle case, my row counters and most important the fabric shopping bag (cotton, not closable) where I have my take-with-me knitting in.

2. If you're heading on vacation, do you take knitting with you? If
so, how much and what type of project?

of course!
In my last vacation which was at the end of June till the 10th of July, I took 7 skeins for winding with me and a bag full of small projects. This were 2 headbands (one blue linen from a USA yarn swap for my mum, a darkred merino lace one), 2 different socks (both are handdyed sock yarns - one is called "Cuban nights" and is a stripey one with each row another colour and the other one is from the first series of "colours for men" and is in different blue shades for my boyfriend and the difficulty is that he wants me to knit a elastic into the first rows like in bought socks) and a crocheted darkred berret, which still isn�t big enough.

3. Where have you travelled to that you'd consider your favorite spot?

Despite my age I�ve been a lot around the world already, but I think I have three favourite spots:
the city Bourgas and its beach in Bulgaria, which is my birthcountry
the island of Rugia in the Baltic Sea which is so small and so big and so extremely beautifull
Ueno park and the Meji shrine in Tokyo - Tokyo was so enjoyable at all but this spots are special

hey, now that I see this, all have something in common: water around or in it and plenty of green

4. What is your favorite knitting book at the moment? Do you own it?

there are two of them: one skein wonders, which I own and have used to knit several things and some more to come from and the "knitted embellishments" book from Nicky Epstein which I unfortunately don�t own but totally adore.

5. Do you listen to podcasts? Which is your favorite(s)?

Funnily enough, I started a german one for our magazine yesterday, with installation, homepage customization, recording, editing and everything by myself. Have a look here if you want to hear my voice:

For knitting I love the KnitCast from Toronto

Wow, I�m through it. And I am quite excited, my first knit related competition ever.

I finally finished them. The first pair of socks I knit for myself out of sock yarn. The name of the yarn is "cuban nights" and it is bought from Kirstens onlineshop


It took me months of spare time knitting and some rows grew in my holidays in Rugia this July.
I used my 2,5mm bamboo dpns, which I got as a present from my Wollfee - Pal. I managed to damage one of the needles and then to repair it somehow - it is now shorter and I changed the dpns for the heels and used aluminium ones but I really quite like the bamboo ones. More than I had expected.

It�s not so obvious on the photos but each row of the socks has another colour and not only did colours repeat but some very different colours like grey, greyblue, darkblue, pink, dark brown and else appeared. Even though the legs are slightly too short for my taste, I love my socks and wear them from time to time.

The next pair of sock yarn socks is for Ron. I started some cabled with thicker wool for me and somehow try to follow the tricky aran pattern.

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