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Uhm, I was to Berlin again. The main reason for this was, that we have neither heat nor warm water yet (the company has delayed delivery three times) and my parents suggested that I could taka a bath at their flat. Wow, washing my hair, take a shower AND bathing. This was really a pleasure. The blackberry bath bomb from lush I used was excellent for this occasion. Inside the bath ballistic there was a little piece of paper with a speech balloon on it saying "BOOM BOOM". ^_^ This company has really a good sense of humour, not bad. But before joining the bathroom for the next 2 hours at the afternoon, I went to a wool and yarn shop at the new part of K�penick (this is the place where I lived and where my parents are) at the main street there. Usually you get explainations of knitting things if buying something there. After having tried to call a friend of my parents�, Sabine from the feinstofflich - shop, it was obvious that she wasn�t in and I couldn�t visit her to show me the boomerang - heel. So I decided to go to this wool shop and try there. The owner was totally distressed with her latest
delivery, phone calls and the bookkeeping and the other saleswoman left the shop soon after I entered, to go to the doctor. The owner said to me that she�d be pleased to explain that heel to me, I just need to wait until 1 p.m. (I was there since high noon and should be back at 1 p.m. for lunch with my parents) I somehow managed to spend the time there (hey, it is a yarn shop - enough to touch, look and read) and decided to buy a certain darning cotton for daddys pullover (I was asked to buy this by my mum), wool for felting, a booklet with knitting projects and some wool for my spoilee. Then, at quarter to 1 the shop owner came to the cash desk so that I could pay my goods. She then said that I should pay 6 Euros because it would steal 1 hour of her working time. I first thougt she�d be joking, but it was true. I was quite angry, because I expected her to tell me this in advance. I don�t pay any money if it can work out another way - just had to be patient. She could have been so good to tell me that she takes money for this *grrrr* If I knew I wouldn�t have waited such a long time. She somehow tried to pitch this to me. I should go without the goods I bought but take the explaination insted. Pah! Going without the goods... When I finished bathing and everything included, I helped my mum to prepare some
things for the banitza she was going to bake for me. (banitza is a typical bulgarian filo pastry filled with sheep cheese, butter, spinach or leek or combinations of these). After this we all three sat down with a good yogi chai tea with milk and honey, some cake and I read out the instruction for the heel from my book to my parents. I hoped that they would be able to understand or imagine how this should be done but they weren�t. So I was picked up by my boyfriend Ron and went with him to a friend of mum�s called Achim to get a radiant heater. I hope that our new central-heating boiler will arrive soon, we� ve been waiting for 2 months now.

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