the first tiny SP9 contest of our group

Nicol, my hostess posted some kind of contest. We are to write something bizarre, funny - a random fact about ourselves.
Well for me it is something that even my family members listened to with their mouths open.

Last year in September when I did the first -aid day course which is necessary for the application for a drivers licence (which I passed this January), everybody had to let her/his eyes get tested because if that fails one cannot give the application for the drives licence (and licence exam) to the drivers´licences department. Well we were 16 people and I went with my boyfriend who had paid the fees for me (and I still have to give them back to him). I was the 6th to get my sight tested. I usually have to wear glasses even though I don´t wear them at the moment because if I do so I get a headache. I sat down with my glasses (I am short sighted) on my nose and had to look inside an apparatus. There were black circles, filled white on a white background, with a gap somewhere. I had to tell if the gap was left, right, down, up or somewhere between. My problem - which my eye doctor named to me- is that rotund forms and numerals (like 0, 8, 9, 6 and 3) float and I cant see them focused if they are too small, move or are too far away. I very often catched the wrong train, because the trains here have numbers like 60, 63, 61, 68 . I often found myself going into the wrong direction once inside the wrong train because I had been running to catch it and hadn´t seen the numerals correctly.
I was told that the dimensions inside the apparatus simulate a certain distance. I told the people behind the apparatus the gaps - I really had to concentrate on them because of this damn floating. I had them wrong. All of them. I was so schocked and asked if I could repeat the test at the end of all and they said "ok, but this is an exception". I went outside the room to talk to my boyfriend who was so angry because I had started with drivers lessons and he had already paid them and without this test I couldn´t go on. I was thinking through this whole situation again and again and finally found out that I hadn´t had the feeling of distance inside the apparatus. Remember, I usually don´t need my glasses for a good sight in less than 20 -50 metres, not to tell about 20 cm. I decided to repeat the test without my glasses. As I did so the testers were astonished. Unlike all others I had 100% ! I did not make any mistake, I was the only one with no mistake at all! I got my certificate of sight and everything is fine! I can drive without glasses but I prefer to drive with them - especially on the highways.

Usually glasses help people to see better but in my case I went better without them. This is really the truth and I am quite happy about it, because at the moment with this headaches I have to drive without my beloved frameless glasses and the police can´t give me any fines if they´d stop me to see my drivers licence.

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Your sidebar runs over your posts for me and I was wondering if anyone else experiences that when they read your blog.

I'm not sure, if this would be of any interest, but I thought I'd email after reading your comments about Harry Potter on Simply Knitting's site. I made a giant Dr Who type Harry Potter scarf a couple of xmas's ago. I took the whole stitch designs from the Harry Potter x-stitch book & knitted them into a scarf in as near to Griffindor colours as I could find. It has Harry's glasses, Hagrid's pink umbrella & other motifs. If you like I can dig out the book & email you the ISBN number.

All the best Sandra

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