start of secret pal 9...

... was 2 days ago.
burztagskarte.gifBut on the 1st of September I had my SP9 questionaire and the wishlist online (I took the one from the previous year). On the 15th of September I updated it to be complete and told Shelby that I did so. I was so full of joyfull anticipation. I don´t know why but it seems to be invisible. It is a plain text link (there is no button in the SP9 blog so I have none yet) below the secret pal 9 button on the right side of this page. burztagskarteinnen.gifWhen clicking the link, the questionaire does not include this link or the wishlist link (which is below AND linked inside the questionaire), but I´ll fix that.

Well TODAY apart from a mail that my secret pal is alive and well. I got mail from the USA! It was an envelope with a beautifull stamp on it showing the yosemite national park in CA. which I like for my collection. Inside was a greeting card (this is the red picture) and inside was a congratulation for my birthday (the other picture). But my birthday is the night before Halloween, the 30th of October - 14 days to go. However. At least today is one of those very rare days that my mailbox wasn´t empty and the sun is shining and no cloud is in the sky.

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